Night Lords Faith and Fury Tactics: Winning Combos?

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So… it’s been about half a year since I posted on here. Needless to say, I’ve been preoccupied, however I’ve missed throwing down on the net so here I am. I figured I’d start the year chatting about my favourite Legion, the Night Lords (I think the last article on these lads was this mash up. Although I’ve been a bit more active on my instagram). Turns out, chatting is literally what I did. It’s a little amateurish. However, I recorded my thoughts on the new Faith and Fury Night Lords Legion rules for 8th edition. I’ll try to improve with the videos as I go. The video is hosted on Youtube, however with any luck, it will work via the link below.

Since the video covers the full rules of the Night Lords in Faith and Fury I won’t duplicate the info here. Instead I’ll post a few units that are ready for the tabletop (though I still technically consider them work in progress for the most part). As this is supposed to be a tactica article I’ll scribble a few thoughts on the units (with a focus on how the new rules can help them). Boosh! Thus synergy is born.

Night Lords Tactics Video on Faith and Fury Rules

Night Lords ready for the Tabletop

Let’s start with the big one, the Leviathan. It’s a hefty model that can’t help but draw the eye, which on the tabletop means it’ll receive a lot of early game firepower. I’ve had mixed success with this lad. He rocks in at toughness 8 and is one of the few dreadnoughts with a 2+ save. That said his invulnerable is only a 5++, which pales in comparison to the loyalists 4++. True his invulnerable does increase in combat, however let’s face it, firepower will be his downfall. It is possible to buff his invulnerable if you go mark of Tzeentch and have a Sorcerer nearby to cast Weaver of Fates, however then you’re investing more points to keep an already expensive model on the field. What’s worse, is if you do that combo you’re paying roughly the same points as a Chaos Knight Desecrator!

You’d think from all this that I’m saying to steer clear, oddly that’s not the case though. It’s still a good model and if it hits the enemy lines it can wreck face, especially with Hateful Assault giving it an extra attack in combat. Plus it can regenerate wounds in melee as well. Admittedly the cheapest ranged weapon is… ok. On paper the Butcher Cannon sounds great with it’s 8 damage 2 shots but the AP is pretty low at -1. So staying in your backfield with this murder machine isn’t the best use of points.

Keep Composed

Ultimately your army composition is what will decide if the Leviathan is right for you. I often use around 350 points of jump pack units that go in to reserve. This means the Leviathan is a massive fire magnet, and if I have second turn, well, he’s probably a dead man. This means he works better in lists that have boots on the ground from turn 1 and ideally multiple threats for the enemy. A scary unit of Havocs and a Dreadclaw (on the board turn 1, as it has a 15” move) with a nasty combat unit in usually takes the pressure off of the Leviathan a bit. So, he’s not an auto include at all and he does play against having units in reserve but he’s an awesome looking unit and with a bit of luck he can kick off.

Night Lords Leviathan

Raptors, to the Hunt!

Next up, good ol’ fashioned Raptors. In the 2019 Chapter Approved the lads stayed at the 15 point a model mark. Which was odd as Warp Talons received a significant points reduction. This is particularly bizarre as in an optimised jump assault Night Lords list the Warp Talons are far more effective (your enemy cannot Overwatch them on the turn they deepstrike, combined with all of the charge buffs Night Lords can get now, you should make the charge easily). So Raptors are still pretty expensive and fundamentally they are just Chaos Marines. No bells or whistles for these lads. I normally run them with two Meltaguns and an Aspiring Champion with a Powerfist and a Chainsword. They do alright but really they need a Lord for the re-roll 1’s to make sure those melta shots hit and that you’re making the most of any melee.

That said, a unit of Warp Talons and a glass cannon Lord can achieve similar (if not better) results. If the Raptors had received a points decrease it would be a tougher decision but without an invulnerable and no way of stopping Overwatch, they are paper thin and will fall hard if caught out in the open. It’s a tough one, even with the great buffs that Faith and Fury offers, it’s still hard to ignore the high price point of Raptors. Perhaps running them in tandem with a unit of Warp Talons and a Lord is the best way. It’s just important not to over-invest in deep striking units (for matched play that is).

Night Lord Raptors

The Bloody Handed

Next up is, wait, what the hell are these guys… So I had fun ruining some Gal Vorbak models as I really liked the idea of a sub faction within my Night Lords, the Bloody Handed. Playing on the thematic lore that Night Lords condemned to death (historically by Konrad Curze) would paint there gauntlets red, this signified they had failed their Primarch in some way. For my warband it would signify the Lord condemning those that fell in with Daemons. So I’ve painted the gauntlets of most of my counts as Possessed and Plague Marines red. This then turned in to a sub-faction forming, perhaps led by a Sorcerer. These units rely on the Night Lords Faith and Fury rules to a lesser degree, instead Vigulus Ablaze can help to buff them.

Anyways, Possessed, they’re pretty awful in game and unless you theme your army around them they’re close to useless. I mean they can take a beating since they have 2 wounds and a 5++ but they’ve no firearms and they’re technically weaker than Warp Talons in melee. They have the potential for 2-4 attacks each on the charge, however they’re only strength 5 damage 1.

Whereas the Warp Talons always have 3 attacks on the charge (4 for the Asp Champ) and though S4 they re-roll wounds, which is arguably better than S5. However, there are numerous ways to buff Possessed and they can become kinda scary if you have multiple units with a source of multiple buffs. Like the specialist detachment from Vigilus Ablaze, however that could almost be it’s own article. Faith and Fury doesn’t really buff these guys much, aside from some potential help wounding. Perhaps I’ll do a more in-depth article in to these lads at some point. For the record, I often use these marines as regular chaps, Chosen, etc, needs must, haha.

Night Lord Possessed - The Bloody Handed

Bound to Serve

Lastly, a bonus unit. Although they’re not Night Lords I did get caught up with the concept of the Bloody Handed, so I decided to add in a Daemon contingent. I went for ashen skin with red hands and skull faces. The idea was to tie them in with the Night Lords, while not going over the top with it. I really like the idea that this is why the Lord tolerates the sub-faction, because he knows they have an ace in their daemonic allies, and he’d rather have them on his side. What will he do if the Bloody Handed grow too strong though…

Bloody Handed Bloodthirster

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