The Daemon’s in the Details

Greetings all,

Shock horror it’s been an age since I last posted. I was never the most regular of bloggers but my last post was way back in November 2016! I haven’t even posted that Inquisition short story up that I finished last year. Yes, shake your head in shame at me, I deserve it.
So what do I have for you today. Well I’ve not been completely idle, I actually cracked opened a few paint pots over Christmas. Here are a couple sort of WIP shots. They’re basically done (tabletop standard I’d say but I’m too lazy to go much further, haha).

BloodthirsterThey’re all stock models, accept for a weapon swap on the crimson’Thirster, because two axes is hardcore and vastly easier to transport than the whip. Oddly I felt like painting over the winter and I figured I’d work on some solid centre piece models. The paint jobs were quick and dirty. I’m talking a dry brush spectacular with plenty of washes to cover up some filthy painting.

Sweet, well I’ve finally smashed out my first post of 2017. I’ll try and work myself up to the glory days of two posts a month but let’s face it, I ain’t no hero, haha.

Have a great one all,


P.S. I will base them all, really, I will.


    1. Yeah, back in the day the dragon wings were all the rage. I didn’t have any left and I’ve run the blighter a few times on foot with mixed results. His crowning achievement was when he rolled up to an Inquisitor with a Helrifle (or whatever it’s called) and challenged him to a duel.

      The Inquisitor, c#%t my mate named him, heroically stepped forwards to accept the challenge. The Prince just beasted the poor bastard and waded through the Servitors with him.

      It was a way better outing then when the Prince was gunned down by a 20 man Heresy tactical squad, fury of the Emprah damned Legion right there. Sure learned this heretic.

      In all this dry brushing and washing, it’s made me miss Flesh Wash. That was my go to wash, it just looked the shit on red. Like insanely good, especially back then, when washes weren’t really a thing.

    1. Cheers, I literally bought the biggest half decent brush I could find and I went ape shit on those bad boys. The Great Unclean One was a joy to paint, because really, it just doesn’t matter. Lines, what line, there is no line. It’s just puss, blood and rotting flesh: glorious!

      I lost a lot of steam after the ashen ‘Thirster, the water I was using had a red tint (like some kind of Dark God was trying to tell me something), which tainted the the grey wash. As such he needs some serious work to bring him up to where I want him.

      Maybe this weekend I’ll… nah, feeling pretty heretical for Heresy at the mo. How about you?

      1. Oh I crave hobby time at the moment mate – painting time is minimal at the moment, (two kids, a busy job and part time degree studies are taking their toll) ๐Ÿ™
        Degree will be finished in May though, so there is light at the end of the tunnel!

        1. It felt really wrong to ‘like’ your post, like, yeah it’s great that you have a shed load of time intensive real life stuff! Sound like your juggling it though and that’s pretty awesome having such a full life. Still, a cheeky bit of hobby is always a good thing ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Haha, I enjoy how you welcome me back. Damn I wish I could be more consistent! I’ve had some major league hobby urges, new (well, not so new now) job is ace but I’m throwing a lot of my time in to it. Seriously hoping to get my hobby on over the weekend and catch up on some reading. I’ve been listening to the Eye of Heresy podcast to get my fix on my commute, so glorious. How’ve you been?

        1. Very true, just had to shift my priorities. Still, moving in to a small new place soon. Hoping to set up a small hobby area so that it’s nice and easy to do a bit of modelling or painting after work. Throw on a few tunes, crack open a beer. Good times ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Cheers, if I can be bothered I’m gonna do a bunch of more washes and highlights but I’m pleased with where he’s at. I like the classic red but I just really didn’t want two on the table that looked so similar and I figured black wouldn’t be enough of a contrast. I’m looking forward to picking up a Lord of Change at some point, the new plastic kit is just spot on!

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