Inquisimunda: Mortem Calvariam – A Step Forward Ch.1

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It’s been a while! I’m going to try a new feature, if it’s popular I will make sure it becomes a regular thing. The idea is that I will post a painted Inquisimunda model with a micro story on a regular basis. Each story will fit in to an overarching plot which will draw heavily from my gaming groups Inquisitor and/or Inquismunda campaigns. So here goes…

Why does my coat have two different types of cuff?
Why does my coat have two different types of cuff?

I'm ready for my close-up.
I’m ready for my close-up.

Focus damn you.
Focus damn you.
Chapter 1 – A Step Forward 

Cal’s hand hovered over the terminal. Eyes shut and brow furrowed beneath his leering skull mask. 
‘Time’s up Cal’. Vayla chimed over the vox. 
His hand clenched shut for a moment, then snapped open above the terminal once more. 
‘I was almost there. Just a moment longer’.
His breath steamed against the inside of his faceplate. He shivered as the temperature of the cramped room dropped. Cal strained further. A crack began to snake across the terminal screen, forking out like lightning across the display panel.
‘Just tell me’ he spat out like venom. 
He could feel the tension building beneath his temple.
‘Cal, Graves is two corridors away; unless you want to spend another three months in the infirmary I suggest you get out of there, as in right now.’
‘I said’ he drew in a breath ‘TELL ME’ Cal plunged his will into the terminal. His head snapped back as the machine regurgitated streams of information directly into his conscious mind.
He took a step back from the terminal, letting his hand fall on a nearby railing for support. ‘At last, you stubborn bastard. Vayla’ Huh, interesting.
Haldrath is holed up with the Scavs in sub level 106, section D. I intend to throw the book at him.’ Heavy footsteps echoed close by. Cal dropped his voice down to a whisper. ‘Get me Crane as well. Patching through co-ordinates now.’
He made his way across the steel floor, being careful to avoid the random bottles strewn throughout the room, toward the jimmied open window. Sheet of rusted metal is more apt, why is Graves slumming it like this. Thick industrial smoke greeted his exit. Gregor Haldrath would not escape interrogation. Not again.

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  1. Great detailing on the model, and I especially like the second photo with the slight blur to the outside edges. The story has good styling and an interesting set-up. Will the next instalment feature another character, such as Haldrath, and continue with the same overarching premise?

    1. Cheers very much. I’m pleased with how Cal came out, despite it being an almost stock built model. I’m planning on the story focusing on a different character each time. Though there will be overlap and the revisiting of old characters. You’ll have to wait and see who’s next 😛

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