Inquisimunda: Redacted – In the Beginning

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I finished the Night Lord esque scout earlier in the week. He’s the first of a squad, the models are all assembled but this one is the only painted one for now. As I mentioned in the previous post, the concept is loyal traitors. 

The main reason for the below colour scheme was quite practical: I haven’t painted any Night Lords since Midnight Blue went out of production, and I really want to paint my true scale Night Lord Sorcerer on Disc of Tzeentch, so I needed a model to test the new blues out. Thus the Scout got the Night Lords colour scheme. 

Time for a picture, some narrative and some clearer shots. 


+Redacted+ – In the Beginning

“What is your name?” 

The bound figure dragged his gaze upward from where he sat toward the speaker. He had played this game long enough, silence would be his answer now.

“Give him five more hours,” the speaker said.

“By your will,” said another man, who lingered in the corner. 

Armoured heels scraped the grilled floor as the speaker left the confines of the cell. The door slid open and, for a moment, dull luminescence washed through the baron room.

Darkness crept back into the confined cell as the door slid shut. Chains creaked, the bound figure raised his head to stare at where he thought the lingerer watched from. The ruined corner of his mouth reared up in a sneer.

“I do not fear you,” the lingerer said, though the bitter scent of perspiration betrayed his anxiety. The tied figure’s shaven head twisted around to follow the shuffling lingerer as he made his way behind the bound man. A short, sharp jab punched in to the back of his neck; he felt an icy chill spreading under his skin, creeping through his veins. The lingerer then clamped some form of helm on to the man, darkness no longer wrapped him in its embrace. Instead, the inside of the helm began replaying images of savage butchery; of midnight clad warriors sowing terror in their wake. Over and over again, the bound man witnessed atrocities, which always ended in the same way. He saw an armoured warrior wreathed in lightning, carving the Imperial Aquilla into the flesh of some screaming dissident.

“What is your name?”

The bound figure shook his head, then locked his stare with the speaker’s.

“I know not,” his voice dragged through the room like gravel.

“What legion do you serve?”

The hard lines of his brow furrowed. Pale lids closed and behind his black eyes, he saw bones spread eagled; lined with bloody, veined feathers. A cracked skull with protruding horns lay in the centre of it all, staring with hollow sockets. The silence broke. He heard a caw from the darkness, it resonated deep within the man.

“The Night Lords,” he kept his intonation level.

“I see, and whom do they serve?”

This question was far easier, the bound man knew, and the knowledge illuminated the darkest corners of his mind.

“The Inquisition,” he said.

“Excellent. My name is Valdrath,” the speaker leaned in. The dim light of the room recoiled from the leering skull mask he wore, “and you have a mission.”



I realised after I took these shots that I had forgotten to base him! The colour scheme is Kantor blue on a black undercoat, highlights of Calador Sky up to a bit of Teclis. Then this is all toned sown with a 50/50 wash of Drakenhof and Nuln with a dash of water (though I think Lahmian technical would be a better thinner in future). The Lightning uses the same shades of blues with a light grey streak, I just mixed Eshin with White Scar, followed by a thin line of White Scar at the forks. 

That’s all for now, I hope you’ve enjoyed.

Have a great eve,



    1. Cheers very much! Likewise, I’ve really been enjoying your posts.
      I used my iPad (3rd Gen) for the pictures in the last few posts. I recently downloaded a bunch of Adobe Apps, so that I could adjust the lighting and sharpen the images up a bit (basically compensating for the lack of good lighting). Whereas the Interrogator and Psyker were shot with a Canon 7D using a 100mm lens (that I borrowed from work). The difference in sharpness is pretty huge, so much so that I should have dusted the Interrogator first! When I can I’d love to buy a 7D with the 100mm as it is a damn good entry level camera and lens, however I think most tablets with a bit of work can take decent shots. What are you using at the moment?

      1. I’m only using my iPhone 6. I tried my wife’s slr on the macro setting but, I dunno, it was trickier than I expected. I’ve found with a bit of patience the iPhone with some editing aps works ok but looking at them on the pc is terrible and blurred haha. Looking at them on the iPad and iPhone they look good, well passable. I’m really liking your models mate. They’re very much my cup of tea.

        1. Yeah I know what you mean about the settings, I asked my colleague to stick the 7D on auto when I borrowed it last. Which is why the background is blurred in the Interrogator and Psyker shots, it wasn’t on purpose, haha. I’m going to try it on manual next time, maybe I’ll do a quick and dirty write up if I have any success with it.
          Having said that, I just had another look at your warband pictures and the shots look pretty solid to me. Looking through your article really makes me want to crack on with mine. I’m both glad and kicking myself that I chose the Storm Raven as transport of choice, you’ve made the Wolf one work so well! Right, this reply is ridiculously long. Cheers very much for your comments and likewise keep up the ace work.

          1. Haha my work colleague uses that line all the time. Too much actually. I find myself wanting to put my fist through his face but I don’t. Well, not yet anyway. It was funny the first 1000 times though and when in drunk I think it’s the funniest thing ever haha.

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