Malefic Design and Me

Cheers for dropping by. I’m Ed and this is Malefic Design. I started this site as an outlet for my main hobby (Warhammer) and it has grown from there. Now, I also write fiction under the name E J Henries. One of my favourites is this short story about an Inquisitorial group hunting down a heretic psyker. I also dabble in graphic design and am starting to make some headway with it. When I can, I also take on commission work for converting and painting miniatures.

My main passions are science fiction, medieval fantasy (the low kind mainly), and anything with a hint of psychological thriller. I also enjoy travelling and seeing what that horizon has to offer.

My aim with Malefic Design is to make it a great site with inspiring content for table top gamers and those that enjoy a solid narrative.

Mostly I just try to get along with the world and enjoy life.

Have an ace one,


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