Zombies, a Birthday and a Pledge of WIP

Evening all,

This week has been an oddly hectic one. The highlight being a mate’s birthday in Chichester. His girlfriend was pretty ace, as she organised a surprise zombie infestation in his old house. He and one other mate (who was in cahoots with his girlfriend) arrived at the house, where a blood stained note greeted them. They armed themselves with a nerf crossbow and a nerf whothefuckknows, then they started clearing the house of the walking dead. The highlight for me was when the birthday boy abandoned his bud on the stairs, as a zombie grappled and bit at him. The man of the hours escape was short lived. He bounded down the stairs to be met by a veritable horde of the dead. They bit and grabbed at him. An awesome moment was when he tripped. Then one of the more method acting zombies, that had been shot in the leg, began dragging itself along the floor after him, gnashing its teeth while making blood curdling groans. Happily ever after eh. Seriously great night though.

Anyways, I’m gonna post up some Khorne Daemonkin -BLAM- HERESY! of the Imperiums finest. The Inquisition WIP I have is getting to a stage were I’m happy to post it up. I know I said I was going to focus on Chaos, however what with the Ad Mech Skitarii out today (bought a set of infantry, conversions to be posted up soon) the Imperium of man has ensnared some of my attention.

So many conversion ideas, brainsplosion imminent!
So many conversion ideas, brainsplosion imminent!

Till very soon, have an ace one.


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