Unboxed Preview – Assassinorum: Execution Force

Afternoon all,

I’ll keep this on the brief side as this is just a preview of Assassinorum: Execution Force (Go!).

Execution Force

What’s in the Box

A rather glossy rule book.

Rules Example

Chaos & Stuff
The Chaos Marines are the snap fit rather than the boss looking chosen from the Dark Vengeance set.

Culexus ArtCardsCounters

Above from left to right: Culexus art and description, counters and room cards and a close up of the counters. I might even use the counters for 40k (as if the game needs more stuff). The cards and counters feel thick and glossy, which is definitley a good thing. Even the box the game comes in feels sturdy.

Calidus FCalidus BVindicare FVindicare BEversor FEversor B Culexus FCulexus Close-UpCulexus B

Above: I’ve placed all the Assassin sprues together, clicking on each of them should bring up a larger picture.

I have to say, these sprues are pretty awesome. I really like all of the new Assassins, though I do think the Vindicares pose is a little on the dull side. It would be insanely easy to assemble these as stock models and be uber pleased with them. However, you’ll likely have noticed that all of the heads are separate. They’re separate! No hacking up metal models to craft your own conversions. This now makes making a custom Assassin extremely easy or converting up an Inquisitorial acolyte for Inq 28mm. Anyone that has read one of the (rather good) Eisenhorn novels, knows that in the 41st millennium body gloves are the formal, casual, evening and all out grim dark war attire of choice.

This set isn’t without flaws, some will claim the £75 price tag is pretty steep considering over three quarters of the models are basic sprues that we’ve had access to for some time. Not to mention that the Chaos figures are in rather strange numbers; three marines and fifteen cultists. It’s not quite enough of anything to give you two troops choices for 40k. I mention this as I feel GW have slightly missed the mark on this sets ubiquitous value as a gateway specialist game that leads you in to the core game. I still totally want to see the Inquisiton skirmish boxed game that contains the three main Ordos of the Inquisition and a Chaos faction. Slap the Inquisition rules for 40k in a White Dwarf and you’ve a nice release right there.

I digress. This seems a decent set especially as the Assassins will likely be released individually between £16 – £18. If they were £16 each, the four of them would cost £64, so when you look at it like that you’re getting a bunch of Chaos models and a game with everything you need to play for £11 more than the four Assassin models, which isn’t bad when you look at it like that. Yes, I do realise that my logic relies upon sticking to GW pricing but so far my impressions of the quality of what you’re getting in this set is pretty decent.

Brass Tacks 

Not till after Monday I’m afraid. That’s when my gaming group and I will suit up (with beers) and delve in to the gritty world of the Officio Assassinorum operatives. I’ll post up my thoughts on the game, how it works and I’ll illustrate these with examples from the Monday sesh. I might even go so far as to give it a rating. So far I’d give it a seven -BLAM!- shit, o.k. o.k. ten, it gets a ten -BLAM!- Eleven, the bastard has eleven out of ten so far.

That’s all for now, project updates soon(ish) and a full game mechanic review for Assassinorum this week.

Take care and have a great weekend.


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