Target Acquired. Assassinorum: Execution Force

Morning All,

Life has been delightfully hectic still (changing careers at the moment) thus my posting has slowed to the crawl of a heretic with his knees blown out. This is just a quick update about the new Assassin boxed game.

Go Go Execution Force
Go Go Execution Force

The set is self contained and includes all four of the classic assassins in new plastic sculpts. The price point is £75 which might put some people off, however as I’m a (chump) Inquisition player, 50% of the time I make use of the Assassins in 40k on a regular basis. So I’ve ordered one set, once I’ve played a game I’ll post up a short review with pics of the plastic Assassin sprues (as aside from being pretty cool, there’s plenty of scope for conversions).

Execution Force

Here’s a link to the GW site page (click here) if you’re interested in checking out the set.

I should hopefully have some time on Saturday to post some Assassinorum stuff (as long as I have the set by then), at the very least there’ll be an update to my project log, a brief review of Assassins in 40k and most likely some inane drivel.

Till then, have a great one all.


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