A Quick Update – Heresy!

Evening all,

As always it’s been too long. I have been up to no good hobbying. I’ve just done little in the way of letting you, my world, know about it.

Inq28 has taken a serious backseat of late, for now, these chaps…

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I’ve mentioned a few times that I have been spending far too much of my time assembling a heresy army. My Night Lords are finally almost fully assembled and I’ve even started painting them. So, glutton for punishment I am, I’m also going to have a small(ish) Shattered Legion force. Mainly because I love the pre-heresy World Eater and Emperor’s Children colour schemes, so I painted a couple test models and I’m pleased with how they came out.

Scribbling Words

However, I’ve not been idle, I thoroughly enjoyed writing my last article which included a micro Grey Knight narrative. I then let myself get carried away; I’ve seen it through, tidied it up and now have an 8000 word short story to share with you all! Well, I say now, that’s not entirely true. Although the short story is ready for upload as a full PDF (I figure it’s far too long as a post on it’s own), I have no intention of cramming narrative down your collective bandwidth, at least not without some pictures to go with it. After all fan fiction is not for everyone. So, I shall try and put the Heresy aside for a week (which will be hard, as I have some gorgeous Phoenix Guard models to assemble) and I’ll get a few Inq28 models painted up for your viewing pleasure, so the story has something to go with!

That’s all for now, cheers for dropping by.

Have an ace one all.





        1. Haha, because it’s a serious problem, I believe it’s known as plasticus collectiosis. It affects thousands of people world wide and the only known remedy for the symptoms is the purchasing of 28mm miniatures, or derivations thereof (some even claim that 54mm models can calm the symptoms but only for a time). My hand even begins to physically shake if I’ve not played a game with said miniatures after a fortnight. There is no known cure.

    1. Cheers bud. I know what you mean, everyone has their own way of writing and reading is one of the ways that we improve our own stuff; plus, I can’t get enough of 40k! Just re-read Prince of Crows and am re-reading Talon of Horus, as I have a lot of time for ADB. I’m on the second book of Game of Thrones too, wouldn’t want to get tunnel vision.
      The Shattered Legion will be similar to the Night Lords in that a lot of the models will be fairly stock built, but they should look cool once painted. It’ll be a nice army of contrasts.
      Really want to find time for some Inq28 though, Jeff Vader’s recent models are uber cool. What was his name… Inquisitor Lazaros?!
      I haven’t commented yet but ace battle report btw, will give it a more thorough read when I’ve woken up properly.
      Right, essay done, have an ace day!

      1. Haha thanks man. Yes it was a cool Inq28 model. When I thinknkf a shattered legion im thinking literally haha. That’s be a pretty cool mini-army to do. Shattered armour. Some missing limbs and wounds etc. A defeated army return – my mind is ticking now hehe.

        1. Ah, yeah that version of a shattered legion would be boss. In 30k they’ve made rules for a whole army of Blackshields (though no models yet), Legiones Astartes that have renounced their Legion ties. You can equip units with hybrid power armour and stripped down boltguns, some guys even have access to Xenos weaponry. A very cool take on marines and they’re led by Reaver Lords, ’nuff said really!

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