Papa Nur’gal’s Black Legion Plague Marines

Greetings all,

In a shocking display of hobby productivity I have a whole unit painted, one whole unit, did we ever think such a day would arrive. Alright, I totally painted these last month before I started work on the Necromunda Chaos Cult (which has been undercoated now!). These Black Legion chaps don’t tie in to any army. I have no idea why I painted them, of all things. I just really like Mark iii Astartes. Even though the Plague Marines armour has bloated and warped from Nur’gal’s ‘favour’ it still looks awesome, improved some heretics would say. These dudes don’t walk, they stride. I trimmed off some details that didn’t do much for me and just went for it.


The Black Legion -cough-






Overall I’m pleased with how the turned out. They were quite a fast project, as I was itching to build the Chaos Cult. Now, admittedly they tanked hard in a game I played a while back. True new model syndrome. If the rumours of a new Abaddon are true though, I am so on having a small Black Legion force. They’re the perfect army fro those devoted to Chaos Undecided. I’ve a bunch of True-Scale Thousand Sons ready for colour. I’ll likely paint one alternate Aspiring Sorcerer with Black Legion pads or something, so that the squad can function as either Legion.


Painting you say?

On a marginally related note, it’s worth visiting Azazel’s site. He has an ace article rounding up some cool community projects. Well worth a gander.

Cheers all, have an ace one.


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