We Reap What You Sow: Night Lords, Cultists and WIP

Greetings all,

This post will be somewhat the melting pot of updates, tied together by a heretical theme. I’ve been posting semi-regularly on Instagram, so I figured it was about time to throw down some words on the site. Kill Team is on the horizon and I’m keen to have my up-scaled Night Lords fully painted. Even I, Lord Procrastinator, can manage six models, possibly. So here’s my first finished Night Lord.


Night Lords & Cultists

Night Lord with Scythe Necromunda Night Lord with Scythe Inq28 Night Lord with Scythe Warhammer 40'000 8th Edition

Next up are a couple Chaos Cultists that I painted pretty damn quickly. My aim was to see what sort of quality I could produce as fast as possible, as I’m not the speediest painter and I have a horrendous backlog of projects.

Escher Necromunda Inq28 Chaos Cultist Necromunda Inq28 Chaos Cultist Inq28

Necromunda Update

On that note, I done messed up. My gaming group have been hitting Necromunda hard recently and it’s been ace. We’ve had some cracking games. Shame then that I was cheating through ignorance. I had started buying gangers/cultists heavy weapons. Turns out they can’t be equipped with them. A pretty big oversight on my part! So I’ve actually retired my Chaos Cult, fairest thing to do. I’ve restarted mid-cycle with an Escher gang, will see how they play and figure out what I’m doing in the next cycle. I’ll admit i’m a bit gutted. My leader Cronen and his right hand Lukaz were well on their way to becoming Proto-Astartes but that’s the Underhive baby. ‘Tis a cruel bitch and a man has to learn to read the damn rules, haha, shiit (Hemlock Grove anyone?).



Mixed bag on the next lot. I finished painting the below (and was fairly pleased with them) a little while back, but now I’ve stuck them on eBay, as I’m barely getting any time for Heresy. I’ve still got my full Night Lords Heresy army, just figured I’d flay the edges.

Adeptus Mechanicus

Adeptus Mechanicus Termite

Black Legion

My eBay shenanigans haven’t ended with the above Heresy items, I’ve also thrown my Black Legion Plague Marines on, and the below Decimator. Last week my Game of  Thrones Kickstarter pledge arrived. Holy sh%*balls. If I had a backlog of projects before, now it is obscene. I’ll post more about them separately, needless to say, I’m really psyched about painting these lads up and fighting for the Iron Throne.

Black Legion Decimator
Only had a WIP shot to hand.


I’d like to give Natfka a thank you for featuring my site over on the Faeit 212 blog exchange, the shout out was much appreciated.

That’s it for now. I hope you all have an ace week.


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