Rogue Rage: A splash of colour in a grey sea of WIP

Afternoon all,

It feels like an age since I’ve posted, my hobby has slowed down this last fortnight however I’ve got some fresh content lined up for this next week.

Inq28mm has moved up in priority as my gaming group have just started a Mordheim campaign using 40K models. The premise is that we’re rival warbands in the bowels of a Chaos Astartes vessel. Each warband is nurturing a Chaos Marine Aspirant (a free Ogre with a number of limitations removed), the goal is to max his experience. At which point the Aspirant has ascended to the lofty heights of true traitor Astartes status; queue Inq28mm Traitor Astartes campaign.

This has helped focus my attention on one project, thus these chaps below have had a lick of paint (hopefully for the better).

Zeb 'nice guy' Skullhammer
Captain Zebidias ‘that nice guy’ Skullhammer.
Above is Zeb, the Captain of my Chaosheim gang. Aside from a few highlights that need doing (especially the skull) I’m pretty happy with how he turned out. He earned a special place in my heart, in the first game we played. He heroically shot an opposing gang leader in the back, what a guy. Despite this commendable accomplishment, Zeb commanded that House Fear withdraw back in to the shadows after the gang suffered a couple of casualties. Dark Gods forbid that we stay and fight when the odds are not heavily stacked in our favour. My Aspirant is of Night Lords gene stock after all.

Unlimited Power.
Unlimited power… nope, he got captured then promptly sacrificed by some worshippers of change (Amazon gang).
Next up is nameless schmuck, you don’t get a name when you get caught and sacrificed on your first outing! He was my youngblood, so this rookie had a laughably horrible (if brief) foray in the bowels of an Astartes cruiser. Model wise, I’m really pleased with this one. Major props goes to the pale skin painting article from the Spiky Rat Pack blog. I didn’t follow it to the letter, however the article was amazingly useful and really helped me achieve the unhealthy pallor on the above fella. I believe the Spiky Rat Pack chaps now blog over at  Iron Sleet, a site I regularly frequent for conversion and painting inspiration. 

That’s it for now, more WIP and articles to follow.

Have an ace one all,



  1. I always wanted to play a Inq28 campaign, for I love the idea of small gangs where every model has its own personality, but unluckily my friends aren’t really interested as they prefer playing regular battles. Oh, well…
    Anyway, great job on these models. That rogue psyker has been one of my all-times favourite models to paint.

    1. Cheers bud, I agree, it was an ace model to paint. Glad you think I did it justice. That’s a shame about your gaming group, regular 40k is fun however it’s good to have a change of pace. Maybe you could tempt them with Killteam to ease them in to the idea?

      1. Sometimes we indeed play Kill Team (and like it a lot), but it is easier for them, because it mostly follow the regular 40K rules, while playing Inq28 would mean learning new rules, and not everyone is willing to do something like that. We are becoming old and attached to the past, I think 😀

        1. Haha, easily done. When 6th edition 40k hit I went through a 3rd/4th edition nostalgia phase. Now I accept that change is inevitable, you win Tzeentch. I am liking 7th a fair bit now though, mainly because I can run really themed lists. The version of Inquisitor we play is pretty bastardised, we cut out a lot of excessive rules to speed up gameplay. It just means you rely on the GM to be as unbiased as possible and to provide a cool story that you can take part in. That’s cool that you guys play Killteam, my group doesn’t really; not sure why.

          1. The transition to 7th edition was easy for us… I was in GW as a translator back then, so I had to read the handbook a lot of times for work, and when it was released I only needed a short revision before being able to teach the rules to the others. Having a completely different job now (yep… you win, Tzeentch), means that I don’t have enough time to properly read a manual… not if I want to keep painting and converting miniatures, writing on my blog, hanging out with friends, seeing my girlfriend, etc.

          2. Yeah, I played a fair bit of 3rd, 4th and a little 5th but then I took a break for a bit so 6th and 7th was a bit of a shock. That sounds cool about being a translator for GW. Hope your current work is just as (if not more) interesting than the GW translating. Totally know what you mean about time, there is never enough. Lke a bag of peanut M&M’s 😛

  2. Nice work – both models are looking good – and cool idea for a campaign. Would definitely be interested to see any other models in your gang, and of course to follow how the campaign progresses (oddly I hardly ever read 40k battle reports but Inq28 is a different matter – I think it’s easier to be drawn in by the actions of individual models than by squads).

    1. Cheers bud. Credit for this campaign goes to my housemate (he’s our regular GM, though I enjoy having a crack at it from time to time). I’ll definitely be posting up more of my gang over the course of the weekend/this week. I’m up for writing about some of the Chaosheim campaign if people like yourself are interested. Just a matter of getting the details down while they’re fresh. We shall see. Thanks for your comment bud, always appreciated 🙂

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