Cos we can – A few pics from London Super Comic Convention

Afternoon, I thought I’d post a few pics up from last weekend. A mate and I went to the London Super Comic Convention, it was great fun and some of the Cosplay costumes were fantastic. My mate and I however were pretty lazy, thus the Court of the Owls attire, though oddly it went down rather well. Also, an aside, we decided to stalk the Batmen and Batwomen of the convention (in a non creepy way). One of us would sneak behind them, while the other would request the shot. It added a nice little dynamic to the day. Only one Batman escaped our attentions, this time. Hope you enjoy.

Always have time for cawfee
Always have time for cawfee.
He's alongside you
He’s alongside you.
He's back behind you
He’s back behind you.
He's behind you too
He’s behind you too.
He's behind you
He’s behind you.
He's to close for comfort
He’s too close for comfort.
The Sisters petition lives on!
The Sisters petition lives on!
Awesome sauce all over Ze Red Skull
Awesome sauce all over Ze Red Skull.

That’s all for now. Take care cruel world and have a great one. Ed

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