Grey Knight True-Scale WIP

Almost Good Morning,

So I recently read ‘The Emperors’s Gift’ by Aaron Dembski-Bowden (which I may have mentioned already). My review in extreme shorthand as I’m pretty beat:

Ace book, Grey Knights are cool. Well written. Worth reading.

Job done.

Now for a very WIP Grey Knight. Green stuffing isn’t finished on the abs and possibly the torso. Arms are white tacked (boy that stuff is useful) and it’s posed fairly cleverly to disguise all these things, so that you can see the rough end product of a True-Scale Grey Knight.

Side note, I got lazy and used Terminator arms and shoulder pads. I think it works pretty well. This makes these the easiest true-scale Astartes. The rankings currently go like this:

Easiest – Grey Knights

Easy – Chaos Space Marines

Getting tricky – Space Marines

This is effort – Deathwatch Space Marines

Are you kidding, fuck that – Terminators of any kind (just no, at least not for a very long time)

Anyways, pic time.

Bring it.
Bring it.

O.K. I am done. Started this post in the late late and now it’s morning (technically).

Good night all, may you have beautiful nightmares.



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