Inquisitor, Stuff and a Deathwatch True-Scale Marine WIP

Evening all,

Things have been a bit mental recently, so the hobby has once more taken a back seat. As such, this is just a quick update on some work in progress. The Inquisitor warband is still a main priority, the whispers of Chaos are never far and I’ve been convinced (it didn’t take much) to do a Heresy Night Lords army.

Here are some of the models that I’ve been working on over the past week or so; some are glued, others are white tacked and comments are welcome.



I plan on picking up Deathwatch next week as the gene cult models look immense. The Deathwatch models are pretty cool, but as I started my true-scale versions ages ago the new plastics will likely be harvested for components. I may do a feature, it really depends on time.

Have an ace week all.



    1. Cheers bud. I bought Age of Sigmar a while back for components and the skull helm in that set is ace. Plus it bothers me how there just aren’t enough skulls in the 41st millennium. So I thought I’d rectify the situation.
      Glad you liked the pics, I figure maybe the WIP shots will be like this from now on. On that note, loved the Scrappers bud, been meaning to comment on your post as I thought you did a brilliant job on them and likewise the shots look great!

    1. Cheers bud, progress recently has been ridiculously slow recently (I’ve assembled a lot of Calth but I figured there was little point in posting it up). Praise and feedback (even the critical kind) are always appreciated.

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