WIP: Inq28 – Sort Of

Good day all,

The next painted model for the warband will be up next weekend, along with his short story. He’s basically done but I need to give him a bit more work. Until then, I thought I would post a few models that I finished converting a little while back. I’ve altered the way I post WIP pictures. I think the shots I took of the models on the project box looked a bit naff, any thoughts on this are welcome (although I know it’s not the most thrilling of subject matters).

The squad leader of the =][= Alpha Legion Scions.
Which traitor colour scheme will he have?
Drummond, head of the household guard for a small Navis Nobilite House.
I normally stick to GW components however the legs are from Victoria Miniatures, an excellent Australia based company.
I sidelined my true-scale Deathwatch project some time ago but here’s the Dark Angel from the squad.

Here’s a scale comparison shot of the marine, it’s a lot darker than I intended as the marine is undercoated.
Right, well that’s it for now. I hope you’ve enjoyed the post and had a great weekend.

Cheers all, have an ace one.



    1. Cheers bud. I’m pleased with how they came out, I’m hoping the Alpha Legion colours will work for him.
      The undercoat on the DA goes a long way to hiding some dubious green stuffing 😛 I’ll try to get some better shots of him once he’s had a splash of paint.
      Hope you have an ace day, cheers again.

      1. Hmm… I’d say either filthy porcelain (blood, grime) armour and brown leather cloth, for a religious styling, or aged brass and black oil-proof clothing for a more toughened utilitarian look. Either way, I think it might be an improvement to remove the trimming on his thigh plates to match the shoulders 🙂

        1. Good stuff, I like the sound of those colour schemes. It’s going to be a tough call with which one to go with. Also, I completely agree about the trim. Something about the model had been bothering me, but I hadn’t figured out what it was. So, I’m glad you clocked what was off! Cheers bud.

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