Assembling Miniatures: Which Super Glue To Use

Greetings all,

I’ve been using a new super glue for the past two months. Figured I’d mention it here, as it has been one of the best I have used in a while.

THE Super Glue

Scotch Super Glue has an easy to use applicator, along with a compression release mechanism. So that you get just the right amount of glue you need, based on the pressure you apply. The consistency is like a gel, which is great, as combined with the applicator you have a lot of control when you apply it to your models. It sets incredibly fast and the hold is pretty damn powerful. To provide some context. I was putting together a few resin models recently and I didn’t like the angle of one of the Astartes heads. I had to put in a surprising amount of force, carefully applying leverage, and twisting the head to snap it off and reposition it.


Tangent – Disassembling Super Glued Resin Miniatures

If you really need to disassemble a resin miniature, pop it in the freezer for a few hours. After that give the components a light tug, with a slight twist (not too much). With any luck the components will separate. If it’s really stuck, try carefully using an X-Axo blade to weaken the joint (don’t twist the blade, just gently insert it in to the joint and try to very lightly saw/chisel the glued section). Then try once more to pull the components apart. Now, I’m not saying this is full proof. However, I disassembled a Forge World Decimator recently. It was second hand and I wanted to repose it. The majority of it came apart fine. Sure, there were a few snapped pieces (I was not being careful), but nothing major, and I didn’t even need to clean it up with green stuff. So if you really need to disassemble resin, this technique is definitely worth a try. Proceed with some caution and be aware that it could make the resin more brittle in the long run. That said, it’s been two months and the Decimator I reassembled seems fine.

Stay on Target

I have a lot of time for numerous Games Workshop products, however there current iteration of super glue (the pack of small squeeze tubes, at the time of writing) is underwhelming at best. As such I highly recommend Scotch Super Glue, I normally pick mine up from my local Waitrose or WH Smith or online. I’ve not tried alternative ‘miniature gaming’ brand super glues, as I’ve found this Scotch stuff to do the trick nicely.

Have an ace one all.


N.B. This article contains affiliate links, however, I promise I will only recommend products that I use regularly, and believe will enhance your miniature hobby (and mine!).

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