Necromunda: Send in the Chaos Cultists

Greetings all,

It’s been a busy week however, I managed to throw a few more Chaos Cultists together. The gang has come along really well and it’s been a great project to work on. I must have over twenty models to represent my current roster of eleven now.


Necromunda Gang Progress

The first cycle of our campaign is drawing to its conclusion and the Chaos Cult are definitely in the ascendency. In particular one of my champions (Lukaz) has been such a boss that I decided to upgrade his model. The gang leader, Cronen the Techno-Barbarian, has some serious competition from his red right hand. There’s definitely a race to see which one will become a proto-Astartes. If you’re interested in previous gangers, this article contains several models I’ve kit bashed for this campaign.


New Chaos Cultists

I have a fair few credits in the kitty, so I figured I’d kit bash an Ammo Jack hanger-on. I’m pretty pleased with him, however, I may green stuff over the Escher symbol on his Boltgun, it just seems very out of place.


Alpha Legion – Test Model

In related news I finally got round to throwing some paint on my test model for my Heresy Alpha Legion (just a real small force). I literally have two Primaris based models that will definitely see some Inq28 and Necromunda usage. Props for inspiration definitely goes to Migsula over at Iron Sleet. His gritty Alpha Legion operative models are ace and though the VIII will always be my favourite legion, the XX are a damn close second for me.



Till next time all, have an ace one.


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