Necromunda: Mk III Scavenged Power Armour

Greetings all,

A little while back I decided I needed to put the tools away and focus on painting up a few projects. This has tied in well with Azazel’s latest hobby challenge, as I’ve been wanting to up my painting game for a while now. So I’ve been mainly throwing colour on some Necromunda and Inq28 pieces in my spare time.

I was terrified of painting up the below dude. Yellow is a tough colour at the best of times and I deliberately avoid it as a main colour. That said, I was really pleased with how this kit-bash came out. So I just got on with it. No test models, just a man and his brush. Thankfully the brute looks fairly solid. Could I do more, yeah probably, but for now I want to breathe again and will switch to an easier model for a while. Then I’ll try and push myself for my challenge piece. Also, while painting this lad up I was listening to some grimdark industrial tunes, namely Hate or Glory by Gesaffelstein.


Necromunda Goliath


Goliath in Power Armour

For those interested, the main part of the model is a Dark Imperium Death Guard. There are two in the set that are pretty good if you want to cut them down to be in up-scaled Mk III power armour. The shoulder pads are from the Cataphractii and Greenskin Slugga Boyz. That and one of the Necromunda Goliath heads and that’s pretty much it. The main work was cutting down the armour and green-stuffing the plating.

Goliath in Power Armour

I sprayed him up black, brown, and then white in decreasing quantities. I’ve heard good things about Zenithal techniques and OSL techniques (not that I’ve achieved either in this, though a rather dusty white primer has thankfully benefited the look of his beaten armour).

The base and main colour is achieved with Averland Sunset, anyone afeared of yellow, no need, this base layer is boss and provides good coverage. Next up was a classic Seraphim Sepia wash. It works really well with yellow and the combo of these two things means I will definitely work it in to more colour schemes. I really want to add some checker boards on to my next couple pieces somehow. I’ve also learned that though it takes a while, I prefer using glazes as opposed to edge highlighting. Sure, there’s a place for the edge. However, I’ve found with glazes you can naturally lighten areas of a model and if an edge isn’t smooth, the flaw is far less obvious.

Goliath in Power Armour

So those are the basics behind this Broliath (spelling intentional, he’s a swell guy). Necromunda still has me really stoked for the hobby. I’m chomping at the bit for my gaming group and I to throw down for some more Inq28 too. It feels like ages since our last game. I will likely work on him more, when I feel confident of how I want to enhance the model. Perhaps with Nikola Oxide or Typhus Corrosion. I also have two packs of weathering powders I’ve not cracked open yet as well. Oh, and the GW base layer medium brush did the bulk of the work on this. It’s a shockingly versatile brush and I highly recommend it for a disgusting amount of painting. Just be sure your brush care is on point, as I think it has synthetic fibers. These are prone to curling after prolonged use.

Have an ace one all.


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