Necromunda: WIP Chaos Cult Gang Led by Cronen the Techno-Barbarian

Greetings all,

Stories of my demise were not greatly exaggerated, however an acceptable clone with only marginal deviations from the original has been created. Praise the Omnisiah (quietly, or he may realise I am quite the Heretek). So Necromunda, what a game. My gaming group has gotten on board, the first Cycle is going well, and I have been fiercely modelling a bunch of Chaos Cultists. Cracking gang to play, as you start off a Cycle with barely an Autogun to your name and then you ascend to the lofty heights of techno-barbarianism. Currently Cronen (the gang leader) is at Aspirant level, in game terms this means he is the same toughness as a Space Marine and has Power Armour (sort of) and a Boltgun. He is also a consummate lad. While some gangs fight for turf, me, I want to build a heretical proto-Astartes to rule the Underhive.

I highly recommend the new Necromunda rule set and I’ll post my review up shortly. Till then, here are some of the Cult. Most of these are also on my instagram (as I tend to throw WIP up ad-hoc). Feedback, comments and thoughts are welcome, especially since I have been off grid for a while (I feel very out of the loop!). Oh also, hi, this is my new site. Have no fear though, it’s still me (right?).


Rogue Gallery


Inq28 Chaos 40k Barbarian
Cronen the Techno-Barbarian (Mark i)
Inq28 proto-astarted 40k barbarian
Climbing the ladder, it’s Cronen the Aspiring (mark ii)
Inq28 proto-astarted 40k barbarian
Cronen the proto-astartes

Take care all and have an ace one.


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