Project Update: Necromunda Goliaths with Paint On!

Greetings all,

As always it’s been busy, however I have made it back online and I do have some cool stuff to throw out in to the aether. Today contains a couple pictures of my Goliath gang, the Molten Slags, and a brief turf war. On that note, wow Necromunda right, hell yes.

Edit (May 2018):

The Players

The Molten Slags: Goliaths – Ed
The First and Definitively Original Slags: Orlocks – Tom
Slime Haulers: Van Saar – Auz
Maids of Mayhem: Escher – Alex
The Trenchcoat Mafia: Delaque – Rordecai

NB. This was scrawled down about a week after the fact. So details may be sketchy. Here’s the gist of how it went down in our first Necromunda game.

The first turf war

After a period of relative calm in the Junkyard Slums the main movers and shakers spurred the Houses in to action and with profits down, sh*t needed to get done. Shots pinged out from the off. That grade A maverick Slime Hauler unleashed hell. The Van Saar’s sent a grenade fuselage in to the nearby Molten Slags. The Slags leader Oak took some shrapnel in the eye and went down like a sack of sh*te. First blood and oh f*%k will it be remembered.

The nearby Trenchcoat Mafia pounced on this opportunity, offering the Molten Slags an entant cordiale and unsurprisingly acting leader Redwood took them up on the offer. In swift verbal response the Maids of Mayhem Escher’s and the First and Definitively Original Slags, the Orlocks, drew a line in the grime and agreed to f*%k up each other last.

All out war ensued as gangers raced through the slums.

The Molten Slags responded to the Van Saar threat by firing their own grenade launchers in to the Van Saars. While their champion Redwood revved his Renderizer (or as Tom comically put it ‘the defrienderizer’) and double timed it towards the Van Saars. The Slime Haulers seemed quietly confident even with the Eschers dashing towards both them and the Molten Slags.

While this went on Tom’s Orlocks took up firing positions around a ruined Cathedral and laid down a witheringly ineffectual hail of fire at the Trenchcoat Mafia. Rordecai was not amused and responded with surprising belligerence. Sadly his shots also seemed to miss the mark, as autogun and shotgun rounds exploded through the ruins. Meanwhile one of Tom’s humble gangers strode through the hail of bullets; Meltagun slung casually by his side. This guy, I tell you, he is one to watch.


It got bloody, Redwood with his Renderizer cleaved a path through the Slime Haulers. The Trenchcoat Mafia got beasted by TF&DOS (Tom’s obscenely long named gang). Meanwhile the Molten Slags started to suffer losses despite hammering the Slime Haulers. Combat Shotguns, oh my. The game ended with the entant cordiale between the Maidens and TF&DOS holding. It was a cracking game, however it was agreed that we would put the Necromunda campaign on hold till a few more gangs came out. In the meanwhile we resumed with Inq28 and have recently dabbled in our own version of Inquisimaunda (more on that later).

Right, now for some robustly heterosexual Goliaths (to coin the phrase from 1d4chan).


Goliath Necromunda Inq28
Easily my favourite of the two, so much so I feel I need to redo some elements of the dude below.


Goliath Necromunda Inq28
I think it’s the gold and yellow trim on the trousers, I feel metal trim and white works better.


That’ll do for now.


Take care all and have a great one.




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