Fear the Reaper: Mark III Night Lord

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A little while ago I finished an up-scaled Night Lord using Primaris components. A couple days ago I finished the next lad. He’s based off the Dark Imperium model, as I really wanted a different mark of armour in my Inq28 squad. I say Inq28 as I already have a Night Lord unit made from Primaris Reivers.

To be honest the main difference is the bases. Yep, collector mentality strikes again. I based the Night Lord Reiver’s with Astrogranite Debris, the same as my Heresy chaps and my older true-scale models. So I decided against re-basing my main force and instead will have one team on the Necromunda bases, these will function as my Inq 28 lads. They’ll likely crop up in narrative based play and perhaps one or two will show up in Necromunda. I’ve always like the idea of a lone Astartes operating in enemy territory. Partly why Night Lords and Alpha Legion are my favourite traitors, they seem the most suited to covert operations. Though in the case of a lone Night Lord, it is more likely that they are just stranded and scavenging to survive (like ol’ Zso Sahaal from Lord of the Night by Simon Spurrier). Whereas the XXth are likely operating in coordinated cells, to bring planets to their knees.


Night Lord in Mark III Power Armour

The model is pretty simple, it’s a heavily cut down Plague Marine with a fresh Mk III helmet (I bothered to magnetise this one, though I haven’t painted his alternate heads yet). The loin cloth was extended with green stuff and scored to look like sewn flesh. The shoulders are from Master Crafted Miniatures. While the lighting claws are Forge World Cataphractii. That’s pretty much it!

Night Lords Chaos Space Marine Up-Scaled

I’ve not modelled the third squad member yet. I’m thinking that I need to go to town a bit on the conversions now, as I would like each member to look individual. In fact, that’s what bugs me about my Reiver squad, I used the same head on three of them. Sure, it’s a cool helm, but I realised I had stripped some of their individuality away. Heretical. I’m still pleased with them, I just need to avoid using that helm now.

Night Lords Primaris True-Scale Chaos Space Marines
Only based these lads since posting them!

For those that missed the previous article with the first Necromunda based squad member, I’ll throw it here for ease.

Night Lord with Scythe Necromunda

Hobby Update

I’m off to Cornwall tomorrow (4th Aug) for a week, so posts will likely be non-existent till I’m back. However, I’m totally taking some Zone Mortalis Necromunda with me. Best mate and I will indulge in a small Turf War, with different gangs from our main campaign (which he is crushing at the moment). I’m going to use the Goliath’s, it’s been a while and I really want to use my Mk III lad.

Till next time all, have an ace one.



    1. Cheers bud, I really want some Mk III chaps kicking around and this was definitely the easier way of doing it. Tbh I used the 3rd party shoulder pads as it was easier. I’m alright with green stuff but I’ve always struggled with true-scale shoulder pads.

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