Brush Care in Miniature Painting: Is it Important?

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I’ve been in the hobby for some time now, and to be honest, it was only recently that I considered brush care. I purchased several Windsor & Newton Series 7 Miniature brushes a while back. Yet, I’ve barely used them. Instead I’ve been sticking to my Games Workshop medium layer brush and my Artificer brush for the bulk of my painting. They do the job and are great in their own right, but why have I been limiting myself when I have other tools available?

Like many hobbyists I have a somewhat collector mentality, things that I have need to look, feel and seem ‘right’. Which of course is completely subjective. Models that I have on my desk shelf one day will find themselves in a tin box the next, for no other reason than that they are not the current project. Point is, I want my best brushes to be in the best condition and if I use them they won’t be. So I don’t. Which is backwards, as why on earth did I buy them if I’m not going to use them!


Brush Care

Enter the Masters Brush Cleaner and Preserver. I decided to pick one up, in the hopes that it would help maintain my brushes, keeping them clean and with a fine point. The concept is simple enough; you wet your brush, swipe it back and forth across the brush cleaner (which is a soap) until it lathers. Then you bring the brush back to a point and let it dry. Next time you use that brush you’ll need to give it a rinse (be sure to switch your water before painting), and again, bring it to a point.  

I’ve been using the pot I bought for about a month now on both my Windsor & Newton brushes and my Games Workshop ones. It has helped a fair bit. My artificer brush was looking worse for wear beforehand and the Masters Brush Cleaner and Preserver has helped to clear away some of the dried paint that was clinging on. I’m pretty careful when I paint (never let the paint go in to the metal connector, once it dries there it will seriously mess with the quality of the point the bristles form), however it’s easy for paint to dry on the brush, especially if you are working in the sun, or using a non-LED lamp. So having the right tool to help take care of your brushes is a pretty solid option.

Masters Brush Cleaner and Preserver


Whether you use a brush cleaner or not, brush care is important. Once the bristles split, a brush is only good for base layers, as you will never have the control or accuracy that you once had. Now that I have started using a cleaner, I will continue to do so, I’m recommending the one linked in this page, as I’ve found it to do the job nicely and I’ll be sticking with it (at least for the time being, if I come across another good/better product I’ll flag it with you all).

Cheers all, have an ace one.


N.B. This article contains affiliate links, however, I promise I will only recommend products that I use regularly, and believe will enhance your miniature hobby (and mine!).

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