Hundreds of Thousands (O.K. five really) WIP True-Scale

Evening all,

It’s been too quiet on the blogging front, so I thought I’d throw down a few pictures of ongoing projects.

TS Squad 1

TS Squad 2

TS Squad 3

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  1. Cheers bud. As with most of my conversions I normally take the path of least resistance. So the torso has had it’s depth increased by filling the middle in with green stuff. That way I don’t have to sculpt the torso. This works particularly well with any chest that has a tabard, like the Sons, as the proportions often end up quite nice without having to cut away and model a fresh abdomen. The arms are a hybrid of regular CSM upper arms with Termie lower arms or Chaos Knight lower arms. I really like the Chaos Knight arms as they fit the aesthetic of the marines, plus they’re slightly larger than regular arms. Sadly I used a third party shoulder pad for the left side as my green stuffing skills are pretty basic really. I’d be f&*#+d without my clay shapers. Oh and the belts are green stuffed. Tried plastic arc strips but I couldn’t get it to glue. I might do an article on the process with pics at some point, however, there are plenty of modellers that are vastly better than I am. So I’ll see how it goes. Anyways, essay done with. Have a good night and thanks for the comment.

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