Unpainted True-Scale Night Lord Sorcerer

Here’s a sneak peak at a (very) work in progress Night Lords army. They’re easily my favourite Chaos Legion, though I do have time for all of the Traitor Legions in some capacity. I’ve another character to post up in a bit, based off a rather old but most definitely still awesome, Black Library book. My current project is actually an Inquisition army. Mainly because I get distracted so easily, that having an army made up of ‘all the things’ is a really useful project to have. My current true-scale army (WIP) are Word Bearers (more of later), which will slowly have Night Lord units creep in (as they do).

Oh and yes, my Sorcerer will be tarnished with a ‘Red Right Hand‘ (and a left too).

Take my hand. I dare you.
Take my hand. I dare you.

NL Sorcer 2

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