WIP True-Scale Word Bearer Aspiring Champion

The morning is still my ally, for this greeting to you all,

Another short post. This one is of a WIP from the Word Bearer army. Technically they are my main Chaos list (with Renegade and Heretic allies), however as I mentioned I’d like to add some Night Lords into the army. Sadly for me I don’t think Chaos are a particularly competitive list as I do enjoy the gaming aspect of the hobby as well as the modelling and painting aside I’ll pop up a tactica soon for those dastardly traitors with a few general thoughts.



I tried a bit of free hand with this test model, I think it works alight (though I do realise it’s the wrong shoulder pad). He’s not finished yet but then I’m a slow painter at the best of times (read lazy).

Cool, well like I mentioned, just a short posting sesh today as errands are a calling. I’ll try and get some work done over the weekend, so that I can post up some more  stuff next week.

Take care all,


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