March 4th, Community Sisters of Battle Event (as seen on Faeit212)

Sisters Petition

I regularly visit Faeit212 (in the unlikely event you haven’t heard of it, it’s a hub of news and rumours for the wargaming hobby) and this morning I saw the above picture. The premise is that as hobbyists we can try and make our voices heard (via a very small hit to our wallets).

“Here are some of the details from Antony on the campaign.

via BlackTalos (Antony)
The idea here is to get most players who collect Adepta Sororitas armies to purchase a single model in order to show our support for GW, and entice them to update their Battle Sisters range. 
The plan is very simple, and will simply work on the spread in Social media and gaming groups. 

It might have no effect, or it might force GW’s hand in SoB releases, we don’t know… But it’s pocket change for many of us and a model with a lot of use for players of this faction.”

Check out the Faeit212 post for more details by clicking on this link.

As I’m pretty new to blogging I don’t know if my repost will help in the slightest, however I think it’s great that the community is pulling together on this. I know I’ll definitely be buying a model (meltagun or flamer, damn, tough call) to show my support. So fingers crossed that if enough people join in, it may make a difference.

Right, I think that should do.

Till later all, take care.

E J Henries

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