Minor Greater Daemon of Tzeentch aka Death Chicken, Bakraww! for short

Evening all,

So I’m shelving the Inquisition for a little bit to work on my Chaos armies due to a certain Codex being just around the rage fuelled corner. The exception to this will be the true-scale Grey Knight squad with counts as Crowe and my terminator Inquisitor.

Anyways, my first Codex review will beCodex Khorne Daemonkin and it’s RAGE goodness (hopefully). So the Dark Gods are taking precedence for a while.

As such here’s a cute lil Greater Daemon of Tzeentch I whipped up.


GDT 2Take care all,



    1. Cheers bud, my housemate suggested I raid the ol’ bits box to see if I can make all the Greater Daemons in Herald scale; an idea that I am totally good with!
      Codex Khorne Daemonkin sounds interesting from the rumours. I’m looking forward to reviewing it, deffo gonna ally up with Imperial Armour 13 as the two books could work great together. Hope you’re all good, chap

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