Unpainted True-Scale Zso Sahaal (Chaos Lord with Jump Pack)

Morning,  at least it is at the moment so lets roll with that, as mentioned here are a couple of pictures for my other Night Lords character. He’s loosely based from the Black Library book ‘Lord of the Night’ by Simon Spurrier. It’s a an awesome book if you can nab a copy. It was published in 2005, hard to believe that was ten years ago! Might be an ebay job or Abe books are pretty good for hard to get hold of books. Addendum, just checked Black Library and found there was a direct exclusive reprint but it’s sold out. However if you’d like to support GW you can always go the eBook route.

The rough premise of Lord of the Night is that  First Captain Zso Sahaal of the Night Lords, a heresy era space marine, is in the 41st millennium thanks to that dang warp (and maybe some Xenos interference, I did read this a decade ago!). He is hunting for a relic, one with the power to unite his legion, under his rule. However, before he can unite a legion he must fight alone, without support on a foreign planet. He must use every skill the Night Haunter imparted to become one with the shadows and strike fear into the heart of the Imperium once more. Ba Ba Baaaaa -dramatic noise-.

So this essay wasn’t due to me being an undercover literary agent for Mr Spurrier, rather, I’d like to show my version of Zso Sahaal (I think this is mark 4) to you all.

Enjoy, and have a great day.

Would you like that sliced or diced?
Would you like that sliced or diced?

Zso Sahaal 2


    1. Cheers very much, hopefully I’ll get a bit of work done on them this week. Just checked out your blog, there are some really cool posts. I’m surprised you found me as I literally only set up yesterday!
      Hope you’re having an ace day.

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