Hobby Update – A Few Wolves of Fenris!

Greetings all,

In what has to be my longest break from writing ever (last post was August I think) I’ve finally logged back in and decided to throw some words down. So in brief, my main project has still been the Night Lords. I’ve got a fair bit painted up to gaming standard now, some even verging on tabletop standard. Yet when I look at them, I still think there is so much more I could do. I definitely feel I’ve picked up some better painting habits recently. Namely paint thinning. I’ve taken more care with it and I’m starting to see better results. It’s slow but I feel like I may level up soon.

The Here and Now

Necromunda has been my chill out project, it’s been great having it there in the background. Related to that are the Mag Bellum modular gaming tiles that I picked up recently. Up till now I’ve been using the Necromunda tiles, and although they’re nice it would be great to have some of my own custom grim dark scenery. Next up is a mate of mine (@straightoffthesprue on Insta), he spotted a 40k doubles tournament in June. I’ve not played in a tourney for years, so I leapt at the chance.

Trouble is, he’s psyched about using loyalists. So I had to wrack my heretical brains for what I could use. I’ve got a bunch of random Inqusition stuff, but nothing that forms a cohesive army. Then I remembered that I had a bunch of Space Wolves sprues and some left over Heresy stuff. Of all the loyalists, the Wolves are one of the few original Legions that I felt I could get enthused about and do a small army for. So I put together a list and have already made a good start on my Long Fangs squad. I’ll try and do tournament updates on how the army progresses, culminating with pictures and a write up of the tournament itself. Hell, maybe I’ll get some video snapshots of key moments in the games! Oh, and I’m totally doing the Primaris Wulfen conversion, I only needed the slightest of excuses to make some of my own.

WIP Space Wolves, Necromunda, and Night Lords

Space Wolves Long Fangs
I decided to go for a Heresy colour scheme, though it was a tough call.
Night Lord on Juggernaught of Khorne
Still WIP, gonna work on some other chaps before I go back to the Lord.
Night Lord on Juggernaught of Khorne
Scale comparison, he’s a hefty lad.
Night Lords Sorcerer WIP on Disc of Tzeentch
Early WIP, kit bashed this model years ago, finally started painting him.
Night Lords Warhammer 40k Sorcerer
Could do with more highlighting, however he’s functionally done.
Inq28 Bounty Hunter for Necromunda
One of my project break pieces, it’s a bit of a rough paint job but it was fun to do.
Inq28 Chaos Cult Demagogue Leader
One more for the Chaos Cult, done. Though technically this dude got captured and sold to the Guilders!

Cheers all, and have an ace one.


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